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 Honey Love Pot

Honey Love Pot With Dipper
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Honey Love Pot

Urban Dictionary Honey Love Pot

A sweet and expressive phrase, HONEY LOVE POT, is the term of endearment for female genitalia. Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist, coined this phrase in the educational program, Female Orgasm Explained.

HONEY LOVE POT is the outside and inside of a woman’s genitalia with a reminder of the sweet stickiness as a woman gets aroused and the “honey” starts to flow. 

Along with a standard honey pot comes the dipper.

And for the HONEY LOVE POT, the dipper is, well BIG WOOD with an ample head.  (Yes, Jason, just like in your photo!)

Honey Love Pot


Honey Love Pot

Guys have all kinds of terms of endearment for their favorite body party.  Just like my friend Jason is depicting his BIG WOOD between his legs in his photo, there are lots of terms for female body parts too.

Honey Love Pot

Honey Love Pot Honey Love Pot Honey Love Pot

"Vajayjay" found its way the Urban Dictionary but it only describes the vagina.  Oprah has used this word on her show.  What this really puts a spot light on, say some linguists, is that there was a vacuum in popular discourse, and a need for a word for vagina that is not clinical, crude, coy, misogynistic or descriptive of a vagina from a man's point of view.  The Honey Love Pot is a better description and much sweeter.

Love Linguist defines Honey Love Pot

Honey Love Pot definition on Urban Dictionary:

by Love Linguist

HONEY LOVE POT is a sweet and suggestive term of endearment for female genitalia.

Not to be confused with her love bucket.

Includes vagina, vulva, clitoris, labia, perineum,  pc muscle, skene's glands, bartholin gland, female prostate gland, and the CUGA spots

Female orgasm explains how the stimulation of the N spots and the CUGA spots gets the 'Honey Love Pot'  flowing with her transudate honey!

To start the Honey Love Pot flowing, start with the B spot.

Female ejaculation explains how the fluid gushes or squirts from the urogenital of the Honey Love Pot.

The Honey Love Pot may be open for a dipper. The dipper a.k.a. penis dips into the Honey Love Pot for some sweet erotic O Spot pleasure.

Love Linguist defines Honey Love Pot Love Linguist defines Honey Love Pot Love Linguist defines Honey Love Pot
  Love Linguist defines Honey Love Pot   Love Linguist defines Honey Love Pot  

Honey Love Pot


Honey Love Pot



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